Saying It Now, Never Review Past… What’s The Plan?: MM Comment On Non-Integration Between Malay-Muslims And The Colourful Races

I personally feel that integration is not the main issue in this current society. it is the division in the income gap that may have sparked such ideology of ‘disintegration’. the line drawn amongst the different classes of income earners are becoming much vivid, thus contributes to the feeling of non-existential mutualism amongst the society of different colours. If such divisions remain unarrested, maybe social class system will be the next facade of Singapore. The rich remain rich, and the poor will stay well below the well.
Racial integration as stated in error by the MM, had long maintain and stand through the harshness of time and reality. the normal society of various colours are not the main culprit in this unseemingly disemboweled society. I believe that those people of powers strategised through the use of such ideology to gain a better outcome for the sake of themselves.
If we were to review the point in time where the various racial riots takes place, (i am sorry to say this) it does not solely originate from the Malay-Muslim group. These information secluded as it seem are because of the thorough editing of history textbook all in the name to promote cultural cohesion that many youths are not aware of such cause. Then again, I am not against anybody, but i would like to point that MM should not have quoted such matter, that he deemed as a current problem when all it take is to know the is the past. such comment have been printed and seculated all over the place therefore there might be a high possibility that the world will view Malay-Muslim as hard to integrate with. Not only will it jeapordise the meritable group of cabable Malays, but also stir angst between races.
I do hope that such sensitive matters are not to be the hot topic amongs generation to come and also amongst the well cohesived society in Singapore.